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Frequently Asked Questions about the BuckleRoo

What is the BuckleRoo™ Seat Belt Buckle Guard?

The BuckleRoo is a small but extremely useful car safety tool made to keep children secure in their seat belts.

How does the BuckleRoo work?

The BuckleRoo blocks small fingers from pressing the buckle release button during travel, keeping curious or mischievous kids from getting out of their seat and distracting the driver. Simply slip it over the buckle receptacle and connect the seat belt as you normally would. Once you've arrived at your destination, stick your car key into the release slot and disconnect the belt.

Why would I need a BuckleRoo™?

Staying in your seat is a big part of making sure everyone rides safe in an automobile. But some children have trouble sitting still or keeping out of trouble on even the shortest car trips. If curious hands make it to the release button on their seat belt, a child can escape their seat and cause a major distract that could lead to injury or worse. The BuckleRoo™ provides a super easy way to give everyone in the car peace of mind by ensuring the seat belt stays secure until the ride is over.

What type of buckle is the BuckleRoo™ compatible with?

The BuckleRoo™ slips over the buckle receptacle of most modern vehicles with few exceptions. If your automobile was purchased after 2000, you're probably good. We've made a quick diagram for what your receptacle should look like if you're still not sure.

How would I release a buckle using a BuckleRoo™ in case of an emergency?

The BuckleRoo™ has a break-away emergency release key built into its bottom edge. Snap the key off, then slip it into the release slot and remove the seat belt as normal.